Shoppable Boardwalk

On June 28, 2019…Worldwide footwear leader Havaianas joined forces with renowned street artist Buff Monster for the creation and unveiling of an interactive art installation / virtual storefront in the heart of the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

This unique installation allowed beachgoers to discover and explore a variety of Havaianas flip flops by visiting on their mobile device, where technology powered by Google Cloud Vision (AI) guided them through the experience.

When guests photographed different colors or pattens, they were directed to a shopable landing page which featured a curated style guide with style tips by celebrity stylist Tara Swennen.

Below are pictures of the mural from the event, as well as links to the style guide.

How did it work?

Visitors walked the sidewalk to find a pattern or color they loved.

They filled the frame and snapped a pic on their phone.

Photos were matched with the corresponding Sandal and style tip from Sweenen.

Explore The Styles

Swipe to view Tara’s tips!